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Reports: Custom Fields
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Custom Fields report enables you to view all of the statistics related to Custom Field usage in your helpdesk. With a quick glance, you can identify how often certain ticket or contact custom fields are being used and which custom field-values are being used the most.

Applicable Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✖️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus



Reports >> Custom Fields.

Note: Visibility of this report is governed by a permission "View Custom Field Report". Read more about Reports Permissions here.


How to Set up Custom Field Reports?

  • Select the desired custom fields to visualize through the CF Selector.
  • Choose the desired Categories for which you want the statistics to be based upon.
  • Finally, define the time period for the report. Custom field statistics will populate based on the corresponding tickets created during this time period.

Custom Field Selector:

Through the custom field selector, you can select the desired custom fields for visualization. Maximum custom fields that can be selected is 20. If you have a large set of custom fields, you can use the search bar to narrow down.

Saving Preferences:

You can save the current selection of custom fields into a "Saved Preference". This function is particularly useful if you have to frequently monitor groups of similar custom fields, saving considerable time.


  • Select the custom fields you would like to save as a preference.
  • Click "Save Preference".
  • Give an appropriate name and click "Save and Apply".

Viewing Saved Preferences: 

You can view a specific preference by choosing them from the "Drop-down". You have to click "Apply" for the corresponding custom field statistics to reflect in your report.


Deleting Saved Preferences: 

You can delete an existing preference by clicking " Delete Preference" after selecting it from the drop-down. 


Parent-Child Hierarchy Representation:

If a particular custom field is a child of another field, you can identify their immediate parent and its chosen field-value in the custom field selector. This information is represented in parentheses adjacent to the custom field name.

Hovering over a field will also represent the immediate parent in the following format:
Parent field (Field value) > Child field.


Widget Population:

Timeline Widgets:

There will be one Timeline based widget at all times. This widget helps you visualize the distribution of custom field values as the count of tickets across time. You will be able to visualize time-series based line charts, heat maps or tables for one custom field at a time. Data points on the graph correspond to the time of creation of a ticket.


Static Widgets:

For each custom field selected, there will be a static widget created. These widgets represent the real-time distribution of the custom fields for the tickets created during the time-frame specified. You can drag and re-order the widgets as per your convenience. However, newer widgets, if you choose to add more custom fields, will get added towards the bottom.





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