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Add multiple agents
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While you are setting up your HappyFox account, you would mostly want to add multiple agents in one go rather than each agent individually. This article covers different ways by which you can add multiple agents.

Note: Only agents with “Manage agents” permission can view/add agents to the helpdesk.

To add multiple agents

  1. Navigate to Manage >> Agents.

  2. Click on the + icon to open the “Add agent” sidebar.

  3. Now choose the “Add multiple agents

  1. Start adding the agent’s email IDs separated by commas/line separator as shown below.

  1. Choose a role and categories which should be assigned to all the above agents and click on “Add Multiple agents” to add them.

  2. This will trigger staff account invite email to all the emails IDs added. Agents can then create their profile and create their accounts.

  3. Until the agent verifies and creates an account, these agents will be added as “Pending Agents”.

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