Reports Permissions Explained

Reports are governed by a “Managerial” permission in HappyFox. These permissions can be accessed inside Manage >> Roles and Permissions >> Edit Role >> Managerial Permission >> Reports.

This Article pertains to the "New and reimagined reports".

Note: View Reports, Manage Reports permissions cater to “HappyFox Classic Reports” and have no impact on the new and reimagined Reports.



Visibility Permissions:


These permissions control the visibility of the corresponding report for the agent under that role. General format is "View <Reportname> Reports".
For example, Smart Rule Reports is governed by “ View Smartrule Reports”.


Include unassigned or assigned to other agent's tickets data in Reports:


If the above permission is disabled, all the report statistics will correspond to those tickets which have you as the "assignee", thereby giving you a report-centric to "you".
Enabling this permission will help you access to the overall statistics, which include tickets assigned to other agents.


Include unassociated categories data in Reports:

Enable this permission to view report statistics across all categories, including the categories which you are not assigned to.
If you disable this permission, you would be able to select the categories that you have access to in the filter.

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