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Create ticket as original sender while forwarding emails
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If your support/sales teams directly interact with your customers via email on a regular basis, then there is a high likelihood that they are notified about issues directly. These interactions would generally be happening via their personal email addresses. Often, your teams may want to create support tickets to track such customer queries and issues.

To achieve this, they would have to

  1. create tickets manually within HappyFox or

  2. forward the email correspondence to your support address to create a ticket (with the contact as the team member forwarding the mail). Subsequently, update the ticket with contact details about who actually reported the issue.

That is until now.


Identifying Original Sender

With the recent enhancement to HappyFox, your team can directly forward the emails from customers to your support inbox and HappyFox will smartly identify the original sender and create a ticket on their behalf.



To ensure that the contact is identified correctly, the “Forwarded message” tag added by your mail client should not be removed while forwarding.

HappyFox identifies the contact based on the mail address specified in this tag. If no contacts exist, then a new contact is created in your HappyFox database with this information. The ticket is then created on behalf of the identified contact.


Known Issues

  • While forwarding emails from Outlook, the email address of the original sender seems to be missing. Due to this, the ticket is created for the person who forwarded the mail instead of the original sender.
  • This issue is being investigated by our development team. 
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