How to run Smart Rule once on a ticket?

Nature of Smart Rules is to work on a ticket "Every Time" the conditions match on a new update. However, Happyfox allows you to restrict your Smart Rule executions to just once when the conditions match.

Available on all pricing plans. 

Steps to enable this function:

  1. Go to Automate >> Smart Rules.
  2. Click create a Smart Rule.
  3. Choose the action that will be performed by the Smart Rule.
  4. Define conditions that govern when the Smart Rule should be triggered automatically.
  5. In the about section, enable "Execute smart rule only once when conditions match". Fill the other details as per your requirement. 

    6. Finish creating a Smart Rule.

Alternatively, you can edit existing smart rule and then choose to enable/disable this feature:


Important Note:

  • This feature ensures that your smart-rule executes only once whenever the conditions are satisfied. For this smart rule to execute again, the conditions specified need to be invalidated (evaluate to false) first and then become valid subsequently.
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  • 03-Oct-2018