Minimum Password Requirements

A robust password policy is crucial for the security of any organization. HappyFox has updated the minimum password requirements for its users i.e., both staff(agent) and contacts. All HappyFox passwords should now contain

  • Minimum of 8 characters

  • At least one lowercase letter [a-z]

  • At least one uppercase letter [A-Z]

  • At least one number [0-9]

  • At least one special character [!"#$%&\'()*+,-./:;<=>?@\\^`{|}~]

  • During password reset, the new password cannot be the same as the previous password

These requirements will not affect the accounts which have a custom Password Policy configured.

Impact for New Staff/Contacts

  • New agents and contacts will be asked to set a password that either satisfies the minimum password requirements detailed above or one that satisfies a custom password policy (if configured).

Impact for Existing Staff/Contacts

  • When existing HappyFox agents (with weaker passwords) logout and re-login to HappyFox, they will be asked to set a new password that satisfies the above requirements.

  • 700
  • 03-Oct-2018