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Sep '17 & Oct '17 - Release notes

New Features:

1. Enhancement to SLA: A new option introduced to start timer only when Objective + SLA conditions are met on the ticket, as opposed to starting the timer when just Objectives are met. Read here to know more.

2. A new auto assignment option introduced called the Round robin assignment based on Active staff. Read here to know more.



1. Pagination introduced for 'about to breach SLA' section in Dashboard.

2. Client_phone tag added to Smart rule send email notifications.


Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed Facebook integration issue: Facebook tickets were breaking into multiple tickets.

2. Fixed Due date issue: Incorrect due date was showing up in card view.

3. Fixed SLA issue: Breach count was not updated when SLA is breached.

4. Fixed Contact import issue: Date type custom fields were throwing format errors.

5. Fixed: Message area in Support center new ticket form was activated only if clicked in the first line.

6. Realtime notification was not received when ticket was assigned by Auto assignment based on active staff.

7. Fixed: Google SSO was redirecting user from Multibrand to Main brand post login.

8. Other minor bug fixes in Search, SLA, Shopify integration & Email attachments.


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