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RingCentral Edit Settings


With RingCentral for HappyFox, you can have your staff receive calls and also make outgoing calls through RingCentral from within HappyFox. This article covers editing RingCentral settings. 

RingCentral Integration is available on Fantastic, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans. 


Any user who has “Manage Integrations” permission can edit RingCentral Settings.

Image: RingCentral Manage

Editing might be required in the following scenarios.

  1. An agent, who is required to handle RingCentral calls from within HappyFox does not see the phone icon.

  2. An agent, who is able to see the phone icon is unable to log into RingCentral from within HappyFox.

NOTE: In both these scenarios, if the agent does not have “Manage Integrations” permission, he has to request another agent with this permission to edit the settings for him.

Add/Remove RingCentral users

As pointed out earlier, adding new RingCentral users will allow them to log into RingCentral via HappyFox.

    Image: Edit User Selection

Change category and add/remove HappyFox staff

As pointed out earlier, adding new HappyFox agents will allow them to access the integration and view the phone icon. 

        Image: Edit Category and Staff

 Save these changes.

       Image: Save Changes

Once the changes are saved, the new agents will be able to access the phone integration.

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