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Configure Stripe Integration with HappyFox
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Stripe is an online payment processing platform for internet businesses that offers a suite of payment APIs. Integrate HappyFox with stripe and access contextual billing information within your help desk.

Overview of the integration 🚀:

  • Bring in details such as Customer, Order, Payment, and Subscription information inside Ticket details page.

  • When an agent searches for the customer with the customer email ID in “New Ticket” form, HappyFox retrieves contextual customer information from Stripe and displays it on the right panel.

Applicable Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

Integration Setup Guide ⚙️:

  • Log in to HappyFox as an agent.
  • Go to Apps >> Payment >> Stripe. Click "Install".
  • In another tab/window login to your stripe portal. Go to Developers >> API keys.
  • Under Standard Keys, click "Reveal" to uncover your secret key. Copy this value.
  • Switch back to HappyFox. Paste the "Secret key" value as the API key.
  • Associate relevant categories for stripe integration.
  • Click "Save". 
  • Copy the callback URL from HappyFox.
  • Switch to Stripe portal. Go to Developers >> Webhooks.
  • Click "Add Endpoint".
  • Copy the call back URL into "URL to be called" field.
  • Under Filter events, choose "Select types to send" and choose the following values:
    • Customer.created
    • Customer.deleted
    • Customer.updated
  • Click "Add Endpoint". This completes the integration setup ❇️.

Why associate categories during the Stripe integration setup?

By default, contextual customer information will be displayed in all ticket details pages, and new ticket creation forms irrespective of the ticket's category.

When you associate a category to the Stripe integration, tickets details pages will now show order, subscription and payment information in addition to the customer information for those specified categories.

The result of the Integration:

Ticket Details Page:

In the ticket details page, the following pieces of Stripe data can be accessed:

  1. Contextual customer information.
  2. Recent Subscription information.
  3. Recent Payment Information.
  4. Recent order information.


New Ticket Creation form

In the new ticket form, when a staff looks up a customer Email ID, corresponding customer information from Stripe is retrieved and displayed on the right panel as shown below:


Quick-Access pop-outs to relevant Stripe details pages:

Use the handy pop-outs inside contact, order, subscription and payment information sections to directly land inside the corresponding page inside Stripe.


If you're using HappyFox Classic experience, please refer to the attached document for detailed integration procedure.

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Stripe Integration with HappyFox Classic.pdf
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