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Mapping Custom Fields from SAML providers
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Once you have an integration set up between HappyFox and any of the SAML identity providers, every time the customer logs into HappyFox using the SAML SSO, the contact custom fields in HappyFox are updated based on the additional fields that you have stored against that contact in your identity provider.

This behavior is governed by a new setting introduced in SAML Configuration - Map Custom Field Values from SAML.


  • The SAML Administrator needs to setup integration between HappyFox and the identity provider.

  • Some SAML providers may have pricing restrictions for custom fields. For eg: In case of Azure active directory, custom fields are available only available in premium plan.



  1. On HappyFox staff portal, go to Apps >> Single Sign On >> <Desired SSO App>  and set “Map custom Field values from SAML” to “Yes”.

2. Ensure that the names of the custom fields on HappyFox are the same as the names of the respective attributes on your SAML provider.


In the below example, please note that the names are User.FirstName and User.Lastname on both ends and they match exactly character by character including spaces, symbols, lowercase and uppercase letters etc.




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