Password Policy Management


Password policy management can be used to manage passwords to the staff portal based on the security policies defined by you for your staffs.

Note: This feature will be available only in Enterprise plan.


New managerial permission called ‘Manage security based features’ is introduced. A new page named "Security" in introduced under Manage. Only if this permission is enabled for the staff or admin, the Security page will be displayed.

Please note that IP Restrictions is also moved to Security tab. 

How it works:

1. Go to Manage > Security > Password Policy Management.

2. Enable the Password policy by checking "Enable password policy management" checkbox. 

3. Once enabled, the list of validations to be customized will be displayed. 

  • Password Length: Minimum length of the password can be set from 8 until 20.
  • Compulsory Character Types: Character type can be chosen from the listed four types.(Lowercase, Uppercase, Number, Special Characters)
  • Disallow username in Password: This option will not allow users to use their email address as passwords or substring of their passwords.
  • Expiry date for Password: ­ 30,60,90,120 days & Never(default). My settings page will have the number of days remaining to change the password if it is less than 30 days.
  • Number of previous passwords that cannot be reused: Passwords that were set previously can't be set again. The options will be 3(default),4,5,6,7.

4. Once the settings are saved, a dialog box appears asking the admin/staff about "when do you want the password security rules to be applied?". User will be prompted with two options:

  • Tomorrow: If this value is chosen, all the users will be asked to change the password adhering to the rules set in the password policy page from the next day.
  • Choose Date: If this value is chosen, a later date can be selected to implement the password change. 

My Settings Page:

My settings page will have a banner on top to alert the user about the number of days remaining for the password to expire. 

Password Assistance:

After the password policy is enabled, if the staff tries to change the password, the staff will be listed with the necessary checks.

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  • 19-May-2016