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Password Policy Management
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Password policy lets you define the standards for agents password used in the agent portal.

Plan: Enterprise & above

To enable and configure the password policy,

  1. Navigate to Main MenuManage >> Security

Note: Only agents with “Manage Security” permission can view this option.

  1. Navigate to “Password Policy” to view the options by which you can restrict the agent’s password.




  1. Define the password constraints as desired and “Enable” the toggle  and click on “Save Password Policy”

  2. On save, you will be prompted to choose the next day/input a date from when the password policy should be imposed on all your agents.  Choose a date and save your settings


Password Assistance
After the password policy is enabled, when a new agent creates a password or if an existing agent tries to change the password, the agent will be listed with the necessary.



Note: For accounts in plans below Enterprise, the default password restrictions will apply.


If you are using HappyFox Classic version, refer to the attached document.


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