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Auto Assignment : Round Robin Method
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HappyFox lets you automatically assign agents to tickets through an auto-assignment algorithm that aims to distribute ticket assignment evenly among helpdesk agents - Round Robin method

Available on Fantastic and above pricing plans

Round Robin Algorithm is used to assign tickets automatically to the team members as and when they are created, irrespective of whether an agent is active or not, in a circular fashion. Round robin guarantees fair allocation of tickets to your agents, but does not consider the existing load or the agent availability. The round-robin auto-assignment will be applied on tickets that are in the Default Status and are Unassigned.


Configuring Round Robin Auto Assignment:

  • Navigate to Automate >> Auto Assignment.
  • Click on “Create an Auto Assignment”.
  • Choose “Round Robin" from the type drop-down as shown below. 
  • In the Category drop-down, choose the category under which the agent who would be participating in the auto-assignment.
  • Associate agents who are deemed to be eligible for this auto assignment. You can filter this by "Agent-Roles".
  • Enter a name for the Auto Assignment and choose to enable/disable it. Click "Finish Creating  Auto Assignment".


Note: Only tickets created or updated in the last 5 days are considered for auto-assignments, provided they are unassigned and are in the default status


To know how Round robin based auto assignment works with HappyFox Classic, Please refer to the document attached.


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HappyFox Classic _Setup Roundrobin assignment.pdf
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