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Auto Assignment : Round Robin based on Active Agents with Load Balance
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HappyFox lets you automatically assign agents to tickets through an auto-assignment algorithm that intelligently balances the ticket load among agents - Round Robin based on Active Agents with Load Balance.

Available on Enterprise and above pricing plans

This algorithm ensures that your agents aren’t overwhelmed, particularly those who already have a lot of pending tickets.


For example, your agents might be working on issues that take more time to resolve such as product delivery failures, product defect resolution and certain other issues which take comparatively less time to resolve such as payment failures, recurring issues, etc. In such cases, this algorithm comes in handy, where you can pre-set the maximum number of tickets an active agent can be assigned at any given point in time, and HappyFox assigns tickets to agents who have not met their maximum ticket assignment limit.


How does load balanced ticket assignment work?

  • The algorithm will check for agents who are available at the time, and will distribute tickets based on their current load.
  • Agent load is calculated as a ratio of their current assigned pending tickets to their 'Agent Throttle Limit'.
  • If an agent has been given a throttle limit of 0 (which indicates 'unlimited'), the auto-assignment will calculate load based on the total number of tickets assigned to this agent (including closed tickets), across all categories.
  • Auto-assignment in this routine always happens to the agent with the least load. For instance, if there are three agents A, B and C with a throttle limit each of 4, 6 and 10, and with current ticket counts as 2, 4 and 3, their loads will be 0.50, 0.67 and 0.30, and hence the auto-assignment will choose C since he/she happens to have the least load out of all three.

Configuring Round Robin based on Active-agent with Load Balance -Auto Assignment:

  1. Navigate to Automate >> Auto Assignments.

  2. Click on “Create an Auto Assignment”

  3. Choose “Round Robin based on Active agents with load balance” from the type-dropdown as shown below. 

  4. In the Category drop-down, choose the category under which the agent who would be participating in the auto-assignment.
  5.  Associate agents who are deemed to be eligible for this auto assignment. You can filter this by "Agent-Roles".
  6. Set Throttle Limit for the agents selected above. Provision to configure throttle limit for all agents at once is provided.
  7. You cannot modify Throttle limit for agents who have it already manually defined in Manage >> Agents page. 
  8. Choose exclusion statuses (if applicable). Tickets that fall into these statuses will not be considered while validating if an agent has reached the specified upper limit.
  9. Enter a name for the Auto Assignment and choose to enable/disable it. Click "Finish Creating  Auto Assignment".


Note: Only tickets created or updated in the last 5 days are considered for auto-assignments, provided they are unassigned and are in the default status


To know how Round robin based active agent with load balance auto assignment works with HappyFox Classic, Please refer to the document attached.



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