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How to reduce the Time Spent that was added in a ticket?
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Adding time spent on an update can either be done manually or through the auto-timer function.

Sometimes, you may inadvertently have an incorrect number of minutes added as the time spent for a particular update. You may adjust it by subtracting the respective number of minutes from the total time spent.

Let's say you have a ticket where the Time Spent count has exceeded the actual time spent by 7 minutes. To reduce the total time spent on the ticket by 7 minutes, just follow these steps:

  • Click the Add button next to the Time Spent field in your ticket.


  • On the Add Time pop-up that appears, enter the minus/hyphen symbol(-), followed by the number of minutes to subtract, and click Save.


  • The Time Spent count will then be reduced by the respective minutes you subtracted.

  • This action will also visible to other agents as an activity log in the ticket.

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