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Configure X (previously Twitter) Integration with HappyFox
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With X (previously Twitter) fast becoming the de-facto channel for customer service online, HappyFox lets you integrate your organization's X handles with your help-desk account.

Using X Integration, you can do the following, within HappyFox:

  • Convert X statuses into tickets, send replies.
  • Convert X mentions into tickets, send replies
  • Convert X Direct Messages into tickets, send response message.
Available plans: ❌ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus ✔️ Unlimited agent plans

Plan based limit on the number of linkable handles: Mighty - 2, Fantastic - 5, Enterprise - 7 and Enterprise Plus - 10.


How to Integrate your X account to HappyFox

  • Log in to HappyFox.
  • Go to Apps >> Social Media >> X (Twitter) Integration.
  • Click Install. In the subsequent screen, click "Link X".
  • You will be asked to Authorize HappyFox.
  • You will then be redirected to HappyFox and you can see the list of all the handle you've just linked to HappyFox.



Configuring Individual X accounts:


After successful linking, the next step would be to configure which X accounts you would want to support within your he-lpdesk.

Choose the "Gear" Icon present for each account to manage their individual settings.

You will be able to toggle:

  • Status - Enable to make corresponding X Account Integration active
  • Mentions - Enable to convert X mentions into tickets in HappyFox
  • Direct Messages - Enables converting X direct messages to tickets


Additionally, you must associate an existing Non-Email Integrated HappyFox Category for the corresponding X account. Tickets will be created under the chosen category.




How to identify Tickets that were created from X in HappyFox?


Lookout for the "X" icon adjacent to the Ticket Subject.



Responding to X mentions inside HappyFox:


Once you've successfully set up the X integration and enabled "Status" and "Mentions" toggles for the corresponding account, you will be able to see them being converted as HappyFox tickets.

You can proceed to compose a reply to the ticket, just like you would in the X UI and the same will be propagated to X. The customer would see the exact response you sent from HappyFox.'Raised by' Name carries the name of the contact, who added the status and/or mentioned your X handle. 



HappyFox checks for new mentions/statuses once every 10 minutes. All new data from the last 10 minutes will then be pulled in.


Note: The X usernames mentioned in the initial message along with the linked account will be auto-populated in the add update field for your perusal.

Note: The character limit for X replies is set to 280. The corresponding character  count will be dynamically displayed while you compose your reply inside tickets page.

Disable X Integration :

  • Go to Apps >> Social Media >> X (Twitter) Integration.
  • Click on Manage
  • Toggle "X Integration Status" to enable/disable the integration'


If you'd want to unlink specific accounts, then click the "Gear Icon" next to the account and click Unlink.



To know how Twitter Integration works with HappyFox Classic, please refer to the document attached.

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HappyFox Classic _Enable Integration with Twitter.pdf
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