Round Robin on Active Staff With Load Balance

Auto-Assignment is the automatic assignment of tickets to staff upon creation of new tickets(when the ticket is created in the default status) or whenever an existing ticket gets unassigned back to the New/default status.

This feature is available for customers on Mighty, Fantastic and Enterprise pricing plans.

When the Active Staff-based Auto Assignment enabled, the respective staff members are assigned tickets in a serial manner based on their availability, load and throttle limit. Once all the active staff have been assigned tickets and the load is balanced, the next incoming ticket will be assigned to the first active staff again.
Here is how to enable this option in your help desk.
Auto-assignment setup

1. To setup auto assignment based on active staff, go to Manage >>Categories.

2. In the auto-assignment section under categories, click on add new auto assignment.

3. Provide a name for the auto-assignment and select the category for which you wish to enable this assignment format.

4. Choose "Round Robin on Active Staff With Load Balance" under "Type".

5. In the Manage auto assignment section, select the staff for this format of auto assignment.

6. Choose the statuses which should be excluded when calculating the staff pending tickets load. 

7. Click on Save Settings.

7. Set the throttling limit of tickets to be assigned based on your requirement and click on save settings.

8. With these settings configured, the auto-assignment based on active staff is set.

Staff status setting

1. For a staff to be available, the staff has to log on to the staff portal and click on the "red dot" next to their name on the right top of the screen.

2. Once this is done, a pop up appears for confirmation.

3. If a staff logs in and forgets to enable this setting, the pop up will automatically appear in 5 minutes, and the staff can click on "become available" to start the auto assignment.

4. Once the staff confirms availability, the red dot will change to green indicating that the staff is now available.

5. To "become unavailable", the staff can click on the red dot and a pop up appears with options to retain all tickets that were assigned to the staff or leave them unassigned so that they can be assigned to the next active staff.

6. Upon logging out, their status will be automatically set to 'Unavailable'. If the staff does not logout or closes the browser/computer, their status will not be changed from Unavailable to Available.

7. Clicking on "Become Unavailable", makes the staff inactive for auto assignment.

An administrator or a staff with access to the Manage >> Staff page, will be able to view a list of all active and inactive staff members. The green dot indicates an active staff, red dot indicates an inactive staff, and the grey dot indicates a staff that has had their account deactivated.

Points to note:


  • Auto-Assignment based on Active Staff will check which relevant staff are available at the time, and will distribute tickets to the available staff based on their current load.
  • Staff load is calculated as a ratio of their current assigned pending tickets to their 'Throttle Limit'.
  • If a Staff has been given a throttle limit of 0 (which indicates 'unlimited'), the auto-assignment will calculate load as a ratio of their current pending tickets to the total number of pending tickets in its category.
  • Auto-assignment in this routine always happens to the staff with the least load. For instance, if there are three staff A, B and C with a throttle limit each of 4, 6 and 10, and with current ticket counts as 2, 4 and 3, their loads will be 0.50, 0.67 and 0.33, and hence the auto-assignment will choose C since he/she happens to have the least load out of all three.


  • Throttle Limit is the total number of tickets they can handle at the same time, and this is typically set for each individual staff by the admin/manager of the help desk.
  • If a Staff has been given a throttle limit of 0 (which indicates 'unlimited'), the auto-assignment will calculate load as a ratio of their current pending tickets to the total number of pending tickets in its category.
  • If a Staff hasn't been given a throttle limit at all(the field is blank), they will not be considered for auto-assignment based on active staff, but round-robin works as usual.