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May 19, 2014-Release Notes print icon

The following changes have been deployed to HappyFox production (application and website)


  • Support for tracking usage of HappyFox trial accounts via Google Analytics. Accounts which have state "Trialing" (as per Chargify) will only be available for Analytics
  • Google Marketplace integration
    - Create a new HappyFox account from the listing on Google Marketplace, or add an existing HappyFox account
    - When a new account is created or existing account is linked in the flow from Google Marketplace,
        - In the case of a new account, the account will be automatically verified, the user's name, email and company name will be pre-filled in the signup form
    - Staff provisioning - Can add staff into the HappyFox account from the list of users in Google Apps

The following changes were also rolled out to production last week

  • Fixed bug where adding script tag was possible in the "Add tags" functionality
  • Increased the count of staff to show the search box in the assign to drop down - to 75. Was previously set to 25.
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