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Various actions within the Incidents Details Page
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Add Subscribers

  • When there are other agents and stakeholders who need to be notified of the updates related to the incident, they can be added as subscribers

  • Click on the + button below the incident card and choose the agents who need to be subscribed to the incident.

  • These agents will receive notifications on the incident updates in email.

  • The list of agents displayed based on the Team and Assignment Group assigned to the incident.


  • Click on More Actions > Clone to clone a incident

  • This will initiate the Create incident action with all the Requester and Incident details pre-filled based on the source incident.

  • You can make changes to the pre-filled details if required and Click on Create Incident to save the cloned incident.


  • Click on More Actions > Merge to initiate the merge action.

  • This will initiate the Merge Incident modal where you can choose the incident which needs to be merged.

  • In the Merge Modal, the Pending and All Incidents will be listed in separate tabs.

  • You can select an incident to merge with, add a reason and click on Merge Incident.

More details on Merge Action is available here

Change Requester

  • Click on More Actions > Change Requester to change the requester of an incident

  • This will initiate the Change Requester modal.

  • Search and Choose a new Requester and click on Change.

  • The Requester of the incident will be updated respectively.

  • More details on Change Requester is available here


  • Click on More Actions > Delete

  • This will display a confirmation popover, Click on Delete button to delete the incident.

  • Note: This will permanently delete the incident and this action cannot be undone.

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