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How to add or edit private note to incidents?
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Agents can initiate conversations, communicate any updates or followup by adding notes within a incident. These notes can be notified to other agents by adding them as subscribers.

Required Permission

No permission required to add a private note to an incident. Agents who have access to view the incidents will be able to add private note in it.

How to add Private Note(s) to Incidents?

  • Navigate to the incident details page.
  • Click on the Add Private Note floater button at the bottom of the page, a modal will open up.

  • Agents can post their notes and format the message using the various properties available in the Rich Text Editor.

  • In addition to adding a private note agent can also update ticket properties like Status, Priority, Assignee, Assignment Group, Due by, Time Spent, Tags, Add Subscriber, Change Subject etc.

  • Private notes will be displayed within the Messages tab of the incidents details page.

  • Private notes messages will be in yellow colour to differentiate it from the normal reply messages.


  • Inline images can be attached to the private note by clicking on the Image icon in the editor.

  • Files can also be uploaded as Attachments to the private note.

  • Images, Files, Docs, Excels, Pdfs can also be attached to the note.

  • Files up to 25MB size can be attached per update. Agents can attach any number of files to the update, but the cumulative size of the attached files to an update should not exceed 25 MB. There is no restriction on the file extension.

How to edit private notes?

Required Permission(s)

Edit their own note in incidents (Includes private, forward and team change note)

Edit other's note in incidents (Includes private, forward and team change note)

  • Agents will be able to edit the private notes only if they have the above permissions. 
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