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Incidents - Related Information Section
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The right section in the incident details page displays the following information in separate card(s).

  1. Requester Information

  2. Incident Information

  3. Time Spent

  4. Tags

  5. App Integrations

Requester Information

The details of the requester who raised the incident will be displayed here. Following are the details that will be displayed,

  • Requester Name

  • Requester Email

  • Phone Number

  • Requester Group(s)

  • Requester Custom Field properties

Incident Information

  • All the Incident - custom field properties will be displayed here.  

  • You can click on each field to update it individually or

  • They can click on the Edit All button to enable the edit mode of the fields and make the changes required and then click on Save to update the changes done.


  • The tags associated with the incident will be displayed here.

  • You can add or remove tags associated with the incident by clicking on the +Edit button on the card.

  • Search existing tags or add new tags to the incidents and click on Save.

  • You can click on the x icon next to the tags to unlink it from the incident and click on Save.

App Integrations

  • When other apps are integrated with Service Desk the information from these apps will be displayed on the Right section in separate cards.

  • More details on this will be available here.



Custom Field Search

  • Clicking on this search field will list the Requester and Incident Custom Fields

  • Once you choose a field, it will be highlighted in the respective section.

  • This will be helpful for the agent to find or to update a certain information in the incident.

Reorder Sections

  • You can reorder the various cards(s) on the right side based on your need and priority by clicking on the Reorder floater button at the end of the right section.

  • This will initiate the reordering mode of the cards in the right section.

  • Click and Drag the reordering icon on the cards to your desired order and then click on Save.

  • The ordering of the cards will be saved and will be retained whenever you navigate to the Details page.   

  • This is a user level customisation. The reordering changes done will not affect or reflect for the other agents.

Knowledge Base Search

  • Clicking on the KB icon at the rear end of the custom field search will open the Knowledge Base search right panel

  • Here you will be able to view the Knowledge base articles in the below sections

    • Recent Internal Articles

    • Top External Articles

    • Top Requester Group Specific Articles

  • You can also search for a specific article using the Search bar at the top. 

  • Enter a search keyword and click on Search or Enter, this will list down the articles in three separate tabs

    • Public Articles

    • Internal Articles

    • Requester Group Articles

  • Click on the article to view the complete article right within the ticket details page.

  • You can also copy the link of the article by clicking on the hyperlink icon.

  • If translations are available for the article, you can view the article in different languages by clicking on the language dropdown.

  • Articles can also be opened in a new window directly from here.

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