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How to create incidents?
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There are multiple ways by which incidents can be raised in Service Desk

  1. Requesters can raise an incident through any one of the channels below

    • Email: Users can send an email to a designated incident email address, explaining their problem or issues or queries. Service Desk can automatically convert these emails into incidents.
    • Service Portal: Users can go into the dedicated service portal and raise a incident.
    • Phone: Incidents can be raised by calling a dedicated support phone number. Support agents can then create incidents based on the information provided during the call.
  2. Agents can raise an incident from the Service Desk > Agent Portal > +New from the product header.

Required Permissions

How to create an Incident from the Agent Portal?

Incidents can be created by both Agents and Admins in Service Desk from the Agent Portal. Follow the steps explained below,

1. Login to your Service Desk account.

2. Click on the +New button on the product header (top right corner).

3. Click on Incident from the dropdown displayed.

4. A New Incident form will open up in a right panel.


The following fields will be displayed in the create incident form to capture the required information,


Look up existing requester 

If the requester is already available in the Service Desk then you can search for the requester here. 

- Search can be done using Requester Name or Email or Phone.

- Dynamic results will be provided based on the search keyword.

- Clicking on a requester will automatically populate the requester fields 

Look up requesters using custom fields 

Existing Requesters can be searched based on a custom field. Choose the Requester field and then continue to search.

Requester Details

Show Requester Info

Once an existing requester is chosen the details of the requester will be displayed in a separate right panel next to the create form.

Following information will be displayed here
- Requester Name
- Email Address

- Phone Number
- Total Tickets count
- Pending Ticket count
- Contact Custom field values



Full Name *

Full Name of the Requester 

Email Address *

Email address of the Requester

Phone Number

Phone Number of the Requester


Team *

Choose the Team to which the incident should be assigned to

Subject *

Provide a short summary of the Incident

Description *

More elaborate details on the incident can be specified here 

Impact *

Specify the impact of the incident to the business services or others.

Default value: Medium

Urgency *

Specify the urgency. This denotes how fast a resolution or a fix is required for the incident

Default value: Medium

Priority *

Specify the priority.
This denotes how the team should prioritize the incident. This basically depends on both Impact and Urgency. 

Default value: Medium

Status *

Specify the status of the incident.

Default value: Open


Choose the Assets that are related or impacted due to the Incident.

Assignment Group

Choose the Assignment Group to which the incident should be assigned to. List of groups within a team will be listed here.


Choose the Assignee who should be assigned to the incident.


If required you can provide a resolution or other workaround solution provided.

Incident Custom Fields 

All the Custom fields configured for the incident type for the respective team will be listed.

Note: The above default fields displayed in the create incident form can be customized under Manage > Forms > Incidents.

5. Once the required details are provided click on the Create Incident button.

6. A new incident will be created based on the information provided and you will be directed to the Incident Details page.


Click here to know more about how incidents are logged in Service Desk and the various capabilities within the Incident details page.

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