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Incident Notifications
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Below are the list of notifications that are available by default for the Incident ticket type.

  • The notification templates can be customised as per organisational or team needs.
  • Notifications can also be enabled or disabled for each team and assignment group.

Agent Notifications

1. Agent New Incident
This notification is used when a new incident is created in any of the teams that the agent is a member of


2. Agent New Reply
This notification is used when a reply is appended in any of the incidents that agent has replied to


3. Agent Assigned
This notification is used when an agent has been assigned a incident


4. Move Incident
This notification is used when a incident is moved to another team


5. Private Note
When a private note alert is sent to the agent


Requester Notifications

1. New Incident Auto-Responder
When a requester creates a incident, this notification is sent


2. Incident Reply
To enable replies to be received by requesters


3. Requester Account Invite
When a requester creates a incident for the first time and an account is created automatically for them


4. Incident Assignment
This notification is used when a incident is assigned to an agent


CC Recipient Notification

1. Emails to cc recipients
Notification sent to cc recipients when requesters add reply via contact portal.


How to customise the notification templates?

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Manage > Ticket Settings section > Notifications > Incidents tab
  2. Click on any of the notifications to Edit
  3. Here the list of all the teams in the service desk will be displayed along with the count of Assignment groups within those teams.
  4. Notification can be enabled or disabled for the teams by using the toggle provided.
  5. Clicking on a team will open up the Notification Template Edit panel.


Notification Template Edit Panel: Following details can be edited here,

  • Email Subject
  • Email Content
    Using the rich text editor you can customise the content for the notification.
    You can use Merge Fields to add dynamic field information into the template.
  • Template Options 
    include attachments - This will include attachments to the notifications sent
  • Apply when ticket is created using 
  • Here you can choose the Email Channels to which this notification applies to
    • Admin Panel
    • Support Center
    • Requester Panel
    • Email
  • Select Assignment Groups
    • Here you can choose the Assignment groups to which the notification and these settings apply to.
  1. Click Save.
  2. You can reset the changes made to a template to the default template. Mouse hover over the notification row item and click on the Reset to Default option. This will reset the changes made to the template.



  • These are default notifications which will be enabled by default.
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