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General Notifications
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Below are the list of general notifications that are available by default in a Service Desk account


1. Forgot password - Requester
This email is sent to the requester when forgot password action is initiated by the requester.


2. Forgot password - Agent
This email is sent to the agent when forgot password is initiated by the agent.


3. Agent account invite
This email is sent to the agent when a new agent service desk account is created.


4. Agent email change verification
This email is sent to the agent to verify the new email address when an agent changes their email address.


5. Requester registration verification
This email is sent to the when a requester registers for an account


6. Manual requester invite
When a requester is added by agent and an account is created automatically for them


How to customise the General Email Notification Templates?

  • Navigate to Main Menu > Manage > Ticket Settings section > Notifications > General Notifications tab
  • Click on any of the notifications to Edit
  • There is only one configurable template for general notifications.
  • You can use the rich text editor to customise the content for the notification.
  • You can use Merge Fields to add dynamic field information into the template.
  • Click Save.
  • You can reset the changes made to a template to the default template. Mouse hover over the notification row item and click on the Reset to Default option. This will reset the changes made to the template.


  • System notifications will be enabled by default. 
  • These notifications cannot be disabled and their templates can be customised based on your needs.
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