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Installation of Assist AI on Microsoft Teams
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Assist AI is a conversational AI and ticketing tool that can reside within Slack and MS Teams. It can help deflect questions from employees by suggesting relevant answers from the added knowledge sources. This article explains the steps to install Assist AI on Teams. 


Pre Requisite: You must be a Global admin on Teams to perform the installation.


Installation of Assist AI on Teams:


  • Open your Teams Workspace
  • Click on Apps on the left pane
  • Search for Assist AI on the Search bar
  • Click Assist AI
  • Click Add


You will now receive a Welcome message from Assist AI



  • Click Yes, I'm a Global admin
  • Click Complete set up
  • This will take you to the link to grant authorisation for Assist AI
  • Once the authorisation is granted, it will take a couple of minutes for the set up to complete.
  • Once the set up is completed you will be notified.
  • You will also receive a message on the next steps to configure Assist AI effectively.


Assist AI is now successfully installed on Teams. Once the configuration is complete you can let all your employees use Assist AI by following these steps.


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