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Integrating Assist AI with HappyFox Helpdesk
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Assist AI is a conversational AI and ticketing tool that can reside within Slack and MS Teams. Integrating Assist AI with a ticketing system allows users to directly raise tickets from Slack/ Teams for queries that are not answered by Assist AI. This article explains the steps to integrate Assist AI with the HappyFox Helpdesk ticketing system.



For Slack users: You should be an Assist AI admin to complete the installation of Assist AI on Slack.

For Teams users: You should be a Global admin on Teams to complete the installation of Assist AI on Teams


Integrating HappyFox Helpdesk with Assist AI:

  • If you are using Assist AI on Slack, open your Slack Workspace → click on Apps → Assist AI → Home tab→ Manage Assist AI 
  • If you are using Assist AI on Teams, open your Teams workspace → click on Assist AI on the left tab → Home tab→ Manage Assist AI 
  • This opens your Assist AI admin dashboard
  • Click on the Apps section on the left pane
  • You will now be able to see all the available integrations
  • Click on HappyFox Helpdesk under the Ticketing System apps
  • Now enter your HappyFox Helpdesk account's URL and hit Save and Authorise
  • Then click Approve to authorize Assist AI to interact with the HappyFox Helpdesk.



The integration between Assist AI and HappyFox Helpdesk is now successful. You can configure the Subject of the ticket, the Category in which the ticket has to be raised, and the Status of the ticket. Once the ticket configuration is complete, click Save. Now, whenever a ticket is raised from Assist AI, it will be created with the configured subject in the respective category and status.

Notifications for tickets from other channels:

You can toggle notifications to receive alerts for tickets created from channels other than Slack/ Teams, such as email or the helpdesk portal. Enabling this toggle ensures that agents are promptly notified of tickets regardless of the channel they originate from, facilitating timely response and resolution.

Assist AI Suggestions for requests from other channels:

Users can choose to enable Assist AI suggestions for requests originating from channels other than Slack. Enabling this toggle allows Assist AI to provide helpful suggestions and guidance for users interacting with the platform from various channels, enhancing user experience and efficiency.


Testing the HappyFox Helpdesk Integration with Assist AI:

  • Open your Slack/ Teams Workspace → Apps → Assist AI
  • Click on the Messages tab
  • Enter a question
  • Assist AI suggests a relevant answer based on the knowledge source that has been configured. Click on any one of those answers.
  • Now click on Create a ticket to test the HappyFox Helpdesk integration
  • Choose the category in which you want to raise the ticket. This list of categories is populated based on the Ticket Configuration on the Assist AI Admin dashboard.
  • After choosing the appropriate category click Submit Ticket.
  • You will now receive a message from Assist AI with the Ticket ID, URL, and Assignee info on the ticket that was created. You can track the ticket's progress by clicking on the ticket URL. You can also enable conversational ticketing in Enterprise Plan to keep track of the ticket's progress from within Slack/ Teams. That was your first ticket creation in HappyFox Helpdesk using Assist AI.


Note: Custom fields and knowledge base articles added to the HappyFox Helpdesk take a few minutes to sync in Assist AI. Please test the integration after a few minutes. 


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