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Collecting information from a Chatbot visitor
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The Collect information action allows the bot to collect information like names, emails, phone numbers, and other custom information from your chatbot visitor. With this action, you can build a form inside the bot where all the information can be collected in one go.


HappyFox Bot Builder lets you insert these forms strategically in the conversational flow. Clients use this action to collect information using the following field types 

  • Text Input
  • Text Area
  • Dropdown


When interacting with the chatbot, the visitors are expected to give their necessary information to the bot by submitting the form. 

Note: When the chatbot is connected to HappyFox Helpdesk in the Apps section, the Chatbot creates a ticket in the Help Desk only when an email and name are collected from the visitor. 

Configuring Collect Information Action in your Chatbot

To add the action, follow the steps below 

  • Open the bot builder and navigate to Bots on the left tab
  • Choose the bot you want to configure
  • Go to the required point on the chatbot flow where you’d like to collect information 
  • Click on + and choose Collect Information


  • You’d find the Name and Email configured for you by default.
  • You can add more fields to collect other custom information.



  • To configure a custom field, click on Add another field and choose the type from below - 
    • Text Input - The bot only captures only one line of data
    • Text Area - Multi-line information can be captured
      • Label - Add the name of the field that is seen by the visitor
      • Help Text - Add something like a tooltip to make the field clear
      • Link value to a visitor property - Field that collects submitted field value to a visitor property. Visitor properties are remembered across multiple visits and stored along with the name and email of a visitor. It can be used to prefill form fields that have already been filled before. When the bot sends information to other systems, custom fields that have this attribute set will be considered. 
      • Mandatory Toggle - Turn this on to make this field be filled mandatory. 


  • Dropdown - this field can be configured to offer your visitor multiple options to choose from
    • Dropdown Values - Add choices for the drop-down



  • Finally, choose what should the next step 

  • Save the action
  • Save & Publish the chatbot


Testing Your Chatbot 

Click on the button Test to open a new tab with your published bot




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