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Decoding the Training Module
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When you’re looking to employ AI search inside of your Chatbot, you can use the HappyFox Bot Builder’s Training module to keep a regular check of what your chatbot users are searching and seeking help for. 


To access the Training module, follow these steps:


  • Log into your HappyFox Chatbot account

  • Using the module switcher, navigate to Training under Bot Review.





  • Here are what each column in the Training module means:
    • Search Phrase: The question your chatbot visitor asked your chatbot. 

    • Suggestions Shown: The top questions the bot suggested in response to the search phrase.

    • Suggestions Selected: The option that the user selected.

    • Helpful Feedback: Whether the answer provided by the bot on the selection of a question suggested, was in fact helpful or not. 

      1. Note: HappyFox Chatbot self-trains. This means, that the more people use the bot and provide feedback, the better the bot gets and returns more accurate results in the future. 

    • Created On: The date when an end-user searched for a question.

    • Review Status: A tracker for clients, this allows customers to keep track of queries asked and mark the ones that need content to be added.
      1. Pending: This is the default review state and means that the question is pending any review.

      2. Content Required: This means that there are no relevant questions in the Knowledge Base repository against the search phrase and that's why the bot is unable to suggest relevantly. 

      3. Training Required: This means there are relevant KBs in the repository but the bot is unable to suggest relevant articles. 

      4. Trained: The bot suggestions are accurate and don’t need any other improvements.

      5. Ignore: Spam or Not applicable to the business


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