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Enabling conversational ticketing in Assist AI
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Conversational ticketing on Assist AI allows you to track the ticket's progress and responses added to the ticket from within Slack / Teams itself, without switching to the ticketing system. In order to enable conversational ticketing, you must be part of the Enterprise plan. Please check your current plan in the admin dashboard and compare plans here.


Steps to enable conversational ticketing:


  • If you are using Assist AI on Slack, open your Slack Workspace → click on Apps → Assist AI → Home tab→ Manage Assist AI 

  • If you are using Assist AI on Teams, open your Teams workspace → click on Assist AI on the left tab → Home tab→ Manage Assist AI 

  • This now opens the Assist AI Admin dashboard

  • Connect to a ticketing system if not done already.

  • Click on Connect in the Connect conversational ticketing section on the dashboard



Testing conversational ticketing:


  • Head to Slack / Teams workspace Apps Assist AI Message tab

  • Enter a question, choose one of the displayed suggestions and click Create ticket

  • You will now be able to track the ticket's updates from within Slack / Teams as and when an update is added to the ticket




With this Conversational ticketing has been successfully enabled within Assist AI.


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