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Enable integration with Olark
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HappyFox integration with Olark helps you to automatically convert completed chat transcriptions into tickets. You can also create tickets for offline Chat messages. 

This integration works only with the "Classic" version of HappyFox. It is not yet available on the "New HappyFox Experience". Please reach out to for more information.

To enable Olark integration do the following:

1. Create an Olark account. Visit to create a new account.(Olark now supports integration only on paid plans. For more information regarding features, plans and pricing, visit


2. In your HappyFox instance go to Manage >> Integrations.


3. Click on the “Configure” link against Olark Integration.


4. Select the “Enable Olark Hook” checkbox.


5. Select the category under which the chat transcripts from Olark need to be created as tickets in HappyFox. Please Note: The category needs to be a Public category (on the category form Availability -> Staff & Customer)


6. Click on “Save Settings”.



7. Once you save the settings, a Webhook URL is displayed in the setup section.


8. This URL is to be copied and pasted under the Webhook section in the settings tab of your Olark account.


Along with this you need to select if you wish to receive all the chat transcripts automatically or if you wish to send them from Olark to your HappyFox instance individually you can do so by typing !lead at the completion of every conversation with a client.



9. Once this is done, click save and your Olark and HappyFox accounts have been integrated.


10. You also need to enable the "Require Pre Chat Survey" option in the Settings >> Behavior and Text >> Visitor Information section. This is used to collect the Name ,email ID and phone number of the visitor on your website, so that the ticket on HappyFox can be created with this information. 


11. On creation of an Olark account, you receive the code to integrate the chat widget onto your website.


12. You need to sign in with your login credentials at - a back-end chat page link for your account which can be used by your support staff to communicate with the client.


12. The chat interface enables you to communicate with the client and this interface shows you more information regarding  the client's location, IP address, operating system and the browser being used.


13. Once the chat conversation is complete, the chat transcript can be sent to HappyFox to be converted as a ticket by typing !lead.


14. The converted chat transcript will appear as a ticket immediately in your HappyFox instance.


15. This ticket created in HappyFox will contain the entire chat transcript between the client and support staff on the Olark client.


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