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Automate Okta Identity Lifecycle Actions for requests in Zendesk
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By using HappyFox Workflows, IT admins can automate everyday identity lifecycle actions in Okta for user requests from Zendesk. 


List of Okta actions that can be invoked/automated inside Zendesk:

  • Password resets (including expiring temporary password)
  • Account unlocks
  • Resetting any MFA enrollments
  • Clearing existing user sessions
  • Account suspensions
  • Account deactivations.
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An active HappyFox Workflows account with Zendesk support and Okta successfully integrated.




Automated Workflow Example:

  1. A User raises an Okta unlock request in Zendesk
  2. HappyFox Workflows automatically detects an unlock request and validates it.
  3. HappyFox Workflows initiates the user unlock action in Okta automatically.
  4. HappyFox Workflows sends an update to the user on the next steps.



Manually Triggering Okta Actions:


Admins can also set up HappyFox Workflows configuration to manually trigger Okta actions from the context of a Zendesk Ticket.


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