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How to Configure HappyFox Workflows for Zendesk Support
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Establishing a connection between your Zendesk account and HappyFox Workflows account has to be done first before you can start automating actions in Zendesk. 

In your Zendesk account, create a new Active API Token.



Create a new token by clicking the ‘+’ icon, Click here to know the steps in detail.


Enter the details and note down the API token. 


Steps to Integrate:

Login to your HappyFox workflows account. (If you haven't registered yet, click the Account Activation URL that was provided and complete the registration) 

Under the Apps section, goto Zendesk section.



Using the API token, account URL and email address (Of any active Zendesk Agent), fill in the details and click ‘Save’



Once you ‘Save’ you will be able to establish the connection.


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