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Configure Okta Integration with HappyFox Workflows
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Okta connects any person with any application on any device and with HappyFox Workflows, you can now perform cross-platform automation involving your entire Identity Lifecycle. This article helps you set up and configure Okta integration with HappyFox Workflows.


Setup in Okta: 

This workflow connection requires an API token. An Okta admin will need to retrieve their API Key in Okta.

  • Log in to Okta as an admin.
  • Navigate to Security >> API from the main navigation.
  • Switch to the tokens tab. Create a new token.
  • Name the token with something you'll remember - example <Company_name> <Workflows>.
  • Copy the API token to your Clipboard.


Setup in HappyFox Workflows

  • Log in to HappyFox Workflows.

  • Navigate to Apps >> Okta from the left navigation.
  • Enter your Okta account URL and the API token (Copied to clipboard from the previous stage)
  • Click "save".
  • You're all set with the integration setup!



List of Supported Actions

  • Activate user: mostly run during onboarding, this action does the user activation.
  • Add user to a group: mostly run during onboarding, this action adds the user to any of the available groups inside Okta.
  • Assign app to a user: This allows to assign an app to a user.
  • Clear all open sessions for a User:  Clears out all active logins for a particular user.
  • Deactivate a User: mostly run during offboarding, this deactivates the requester and removes access to any groups they were previously added to.
  • Expire the password for a User: forces the password of a user to expire.
  • Get User properties: Obtains essential properties about a user from Okta. This action is useful for information transfer to other systems.
  • Remove a User from a Group:  Removes a user from a group of which he/she was previously a part.
  • Reset password for a User: this triggers an Okta reset password email to the requester.
  • Revoke access to an App for a User: removes the association between a user and an Okta app.
  • Suspend a User: meant for interim and contract users or for long vacations. This suspends a requester from all groups and applications they were previously added to.
  • Unsuspend User: this action unsuspends a user from all groups and applications they were previously associated with. This is useful when users re-join after long vacations or temporary absences.
  • Unlock a User: this action helps to unblock the user in okta. This is useful in cases where a user is locked out and unable to log in.

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