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Allowing Potentially Unsafe Content in Knowledge Base Articles
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By default, HappyFox will strip out potentially unsafe HTML tags (like  <script> or <iframe>) when you publish your Knowledge Base articles since they can be used to embed unsafe code. This security configuration can be changed in your HappyFox security settings. 


But these tags come in handy when you need to embed rich media (like a Youtube video). So the choice is yours and if you want to allow these HTML elements to support advanced customization, then you can change the setting at any time.


Applicable HappyFox Plans: ✔️  Mighty  ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus ✔️ Unlimited Agents plans


To allow unsafe content in KB articles:

  • Navigate to Manage >> Security >> Knowledge Base from Agent Portal.
  • Turn ON the "Allow potentially unsafe content in Knowledge Base articles" toggle.






Safe Tags:


'a', 'abbr', 'acronym', 'address', 'area', 'article', 'aside', 'audio', 'b', 'big', 
'blockquote', 'br', 'button', 'canvas', 'caption', 'center', 'cite', 'code', 'col', 'colgroup', 
'command', 'datagrid', 'datalist', 'dd', 'del', 'details', 'dfn', 'dialog', 'dir', 'div', 'dl',
'dt', 'em', 'event-source', 'fieldset', 'figcaption', 'figure', 'footer', 'font', 'form',
'header', 'h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6', 'hr', 'i', 'img', 'input', 'ins', 'keygen',
'kbd', 'label', 'legend', 'li', 'm', 'map', 'menu', 'meter', 'multicol', 'nav', 'nextid',
'ol', 'output', 'optgroup', 'option', 'p', 'pre', 'progress', 'q', 's', 'samp', 'section',
'select', 'small', 'sound', 'source', 'spacer', 'span', 'strike', 'strong', 'sub', 'sup',
'table', 'tbody', 'td', 'textarea', 'time', 'tfoot', 'th', 'thead', 'tr', 'tt', 'u', 'ul', 'var', 'video'


Safe Attributes:


'abbr', 'accept', 'accept-charset', 'accesskey', 'action', 'align', 'alt', 'autocomplete', 'autofocus',
'axis', 'background', 'balance', 'bgcolor', 'bgproperties', 'border', 'bordercolor', 'bordercolordark',
'bordercolorlight', 'bottompadding', 'cellpadding', 'cellspacing', 'ch', 'challenge', 'char',
'charoff', 'choff', 'charset', 'checked', 'cite', 'class', 'clear', 'color', 'cols', 'colspan',
'compact', 'contenteditable', 'controls', 'coords', 'data', 'datafld', 'datapagesize', 'datasrc',
'datetime', 'default', 'delay', 'dir', 'disabled', 'draggable', 'dynsrc', 'enctype', 'end',
'face', 'for', 'form', 'frame', 'galleryimg', 'gutter', 'headers', 'height', 'hidefocus', 'hidden',
'high', 'href', 'hreflang', 'hspace', 'icon', 'id', 'inputmode', 'ismap', 'keytype', 'label',
'leftspacing', 'lang', 'list', 'longdesc', 'loop', 'loopcount', 'loopend', 'loopstart', 'low',
'lowsrc', 'max', 'maxlength', 'media', 'method', 'min', 'multiple', 'name', 'nohref', 'noshade',
'nowrap', 'open', 'optimum', 'pattern', 'ping', 'point-size', 'poster', 'pqg', 'preload', 'prompt',
'radiogroup', 'readonly', 'rel', 'repeat-max', 'repeat-min', 'replace', 'required', 'rev', 'rightspacing',
'rows', 'rowspan', 'rules', 'scope', 'selected', 'shape', 'size', 'span', 'src', 'start', 'step',
'style', 'summary', 'suppress', 'tabindex', 'target', 'template', 'title', 'toppadding', 'type',
'unselectable', 'usemap', 'urn', 'valign', 'value', 'variable', 'volume', 'vspace', 'vrml',
'width', 'wrap', 'bgcolor'


Safe CSS properties:


'azimuth', 'background-color', 'border-bottom-color', 'border-collapse', 'border-color', 
'border-left-color', 'border-right-color', 'border-top-color', 'clear', 'color', 'cursor',
'direction', 'display', 'elevation', 'float', 'font', 'font-family', 'font-size', 'font-style',
'font-variant', 'font-weight', 'height', 'letter-spacing', 'line-height', 'overflow', 'pause',
'pause-after', 'pause-before', 'pitch', 'pitch-range', 'richness', 'speak', 'speak-header',
'speak-numeral', 'speak-punctuation', 'speech-rate', 'stress', 'text-align', 'text-decoration',
'text-indent', 'unicode-bidi', 'vertical-align', 'voice-family', 'volume', 'white-space','width',
'padding', 'margin', 'padding-left', 'padding-right', 'padding-top', 'padding-bottom', 'margin-left',
'margin-right', 'margin-top', 'margin-bottom', 'border-left', 'border-right', 'border-top',
'border-bottom', 'word-break', 'white-space'


Everything else is considered unsafe and will be removed when an article is published if the corresponding setting is configured.


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