Enable integration with Batchbook - Social CRM

HappyFox is integrated with Batchbook CRM where it lets you use your customer's social media information while solving support queries. You would need an existing Batchbook subscription to enable this integration.

Who can enable this integration?

Admin of your HappyFox  account can enable the integration with Batchbook CRM by navigating to Manage --> Integrations page.

How to set up the integration? 

To enable Batchbook CRM integration with HappyFox account, you can follow the steps below:

1. Go to Manage --> Integrations page in HappyFox

2. Below the External section click Configure button near CRM Integration

3. Change CRM Integration Active to "Yes"

4. Choose "Batchbook" under Choose a CRM option

5. Get the API key from the Integrations section in Batchbook

6. Enter the CRM account URL and the Authentication token provided by Batchbook

(Eg: https://Companyname.batchbook.com) 

7. To enable new tickets and updates to be pushed to Batchbook enable the checkbox Push Ticket Information to CRM 

8. Click "Save Settings"


Once this is done a section with heading "Customer info from Batchbook CRM" appears in your ticket details page with your customer's Social CRM information displayed from Batchbook. From here you can also go to contact edit page of Batchbook CRM by clicking the Edit link.

Contact information from Batchbook will be displayed under "Contact info from Batchbook CRM" section in the Contact Detail page and in the HappyFox New Ticket form.

Contact Detail page:

New Ticket page:

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  • 21-Feb-2017