Analyze Staff Performance

To analyze the performance of your staff members using the Staff Performance View of reports, follow the below steps:

Login to your help desk account and click the “Reports” tab.

Click on the report to view it, then scroll down to the Tabular View, and click on the Staff Performance View icon.

You will get a detailed view of performance of your staff members with regard to the tickets that the report is based on such as,

  • the average time taken by the staff to send the first response on new tickets,
  • the average ticket response time on the whole,

  • the average time taken to solve tickets,

  • the average of Time Spent minutes added by the staff in the tickets they've worked on, 
  • the average number of responses sent by the staff and
  • the average number of responses sent for solving/closing a ticket.

To sort the data by any one of the parameters, click on the relevant column head. You can also export these values as a CSV/Excel files by click on the respective button, under the Staff Performance Section.

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  • 24-May-2017