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Include Contact Groups during ticket submission

Contacts can now select the Contact Group for which the ticket is being created.The Contact Group field will be visible in the Submit Ticket form only after a contact logs into the contact portal. The Contact Group field will be made available in the new ticket form. The contact can view the list of Contact Groups th…

Associate categories to contacts who view other contact’s tickets

Agents can now restrict a contact (with view all tickets permission) from viewing certain category tickets created by other contact group members. Only the ticket categories chosen by the agent in the agent portal will be displayed to the contact with **View All **Tickets permission in the contact portal. For example…

Contact Group: Available Time

Contact Group: Available time feature lets you track billable "Support Time" for your Contact Groups. This feature allows agents to: * Allocate "Support Time" to contact group in a centralized fashion. * Reduce/Modify "Support Time" after providing support on tickets raised by contacts of the contact group. …

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