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Showing articles from permissions tag

How to add users to your Happyfox BI account?

You can easily share the reports created within HappyFox BI using the **Invite User** feature. Users can edit as well as add a new visualization to your account. A [client][1] on the other hand can only view the reports. **Adding Users:** Click on the **Invite User** button. ![][2] Enter the email id of the User w…

Knowledge base permissions

Knowledge base permissions allow you to configure the visibility and actions on articles and KB sections. There are two permissions under **Manage** >> **Roles & Permissions >> Managerial **related to Knowledge Base: * Manage Knowledge Base Sections and Articles. * View KB sections & articles of unassociated cat…

Set visibility preferences for Support Center and Knowledge Base

You can change the visibility options related to Support Center and Knowledge Base on what information to be shown to your customers. To check out these options go to Manage --> Account Settings --> Support Center Settings and navigate to the last option Visibility Preferences: 1. "Allow customers to view KB without…

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