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How to use Messages tab in Incident details page?

## Messages tab in Incident details page * All the conversations and messages(Replies) related to the incident between the agent and the requester will be displayed here. * All the internal conversations(Private Notes) between the agents within the team(s) and assignment group(s) and notes related to the inciden…

Overview of Incident Details Page

## Structure of Incident Details Page The information in the details page is structured as following **1. Incident Details Card** **2. Tabs** **3. Related Information Section** **4. Actions** ## 1. Incident Details Card More details on the incident properties and the components in the incident card view is expl…

Incidents - Related Information Section

The right section in the incident details page displays the following information in separate card(s). 1. **Requester Information** 2. **Incident Information** 3. **Time Spent** 4. **Tags** 5. **App Integrations** ## Requester Information The details of the requester who raised the incident will be di…

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