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How to group values of a numeric field?
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HappyFox BI allows you to custom group the values of a numeric field into buckets to help visualize the data across groups.


For instance, Let’s say you want to view the total number of tickets whose first response time is within 0-5 hours and 5-10 hours respectively. The first response time field can be grouped into buckets of 0-5, 5-10 to achieve the same using grouping feature.



Steps to be followed:


  1. Scroll over the desired visualization and click on the ‘Edit Visualization’ button on the top right of the visualization. (If you have not created a visualization, learn about creating a visualization)

  1. Under the general settings tab, click on the edit symbol next to the numeric field for which you would like to combine the values.

  1. Edit field window opens, now enable the ‘Group values’ option below the numeric field



  1. Now add the name for your group and set the range for values under each group

  2. Click the ‘+’ symbol to keep adding groups

  3. To combine all the other values into one group, check the “group all values”.

  4. Once your groups are ready, click add.

  5. You can now see the grouping for the numeric field on the visualization.



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