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Launching Agent Scripts in Tickets
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Agent Scripts provide contextual guidance to agents while they are on a support call, to troubleshoot a customer’s query, making use of the step-by-step visual guidance provided.

Applicable Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✖️ Fantastic  ✖️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

In HappyFox, Agent Scripts can be invoked from the ticket details page. Each script step in the agent script will have a statement or a question with a set of selectable choices for that statement. Only one choice can be selected for a given script step. Choice selected in each step determines the subsequent steps.

When agents reach the final step, they can add script responses to the ticket, which are recorded as ticket updates in your help desk. Agents can add multiple Agent Scripts on a particular ticket.

Permission Alert🔐: You need "Launch Agent Scripts" ticket-level permission to access this feature.

Wondering how to Create/Manage Agent Scripts⚙️? Learn how to Create and Manage Agent Scripts.

Topics Covered in this article:

Launching the Agent Script from Ticket Details Page:

  • Log in to HappyFox as an agent.
  • Navigate to the desired ticket’s detail page for which you would want to attach the agent script.
  • Click on “Launch Agent Script” button (located towards the bottom of the screen).
  • Choose the Agent Script relevant to the ticket to begin.

Navigating through an Agent Script:

  • After launching the agent script, click to select the values for the individual script steps as you go. There maybe be multiple options for a given statement, but only one option can be selected.
  • The immediate previous step’s statement, as well as the option chosen for it, is displayed on the top of the current step for your perusal.
  • If you have enabled form fields for any given script step, you can enter/choose the relevant form field values in the agent scripting interface.

Accessing the Answer History of an Agent Script:

  • At any point, while filling the agent script, you can see a consolidated list of all the previous responses inside the Answer History section.
  • To access this, click the “Answer History” button located towards the top right of the agent script editor.

  • In case you have entered any value wrong for one of the previous questions/statements, click “edit” to modify the value.
Warning⚠️!: Editing one of the previous steps will discard all the subsequent changes done previously after that step

Deleting an Agent Script Draft:

In case you want to delete the current progress of the agent script, click the “trash icon” towards the bottom right of the agent script module.

Alert❗️: This action cannot be undone. Please exercise caution while deleting agent scripts from tickets

Adding Agent Scripts to Tickets:
Once the Final step is reached, click “Add to Ticket” to add the responses to each agent script steps as a ticket update.

Accessing Agent Script Responses:

Click on the ticket update from the ticket update log to preview the agent script responses.

Multi-Tasking while entering Agent Script values:
The Agent Script editor can be minimized, so that agent can compose ticket responses such as “Private Note” or “Ticket Reply”. To minimize the Agent Script module, click the “-” button located on the top right.

Tip🔹: Agents can also perform ticket actions such as updating a custom field, in the middle of an agent script step.
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