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Scheduled Tickets: Automate ticket creation in HappyFox
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HappyFox lets you automate the ticket creation with defined frequency using “Scheduled Tickets”. Scheduled tickets will automatically create tickets at the time and day configured, in a recurrent manner.

Plan: Enterprise or higher plans

Who can create and manage scheduled tickets?

  • Agents with “Manage Scheduled Tickets” permission can access/edit this feature from the module switcher Automate >> Scheduled Tickets.
  • In addition to “Manage Scheduled Tickets,” an agent should also have “Manage Ticket Templates” permission to have the ability to create new scheduled tickets.

Steps to create scheduled tickets

  1. Navigate to Automate >> Scheduled Tickets from the module switcher.

  2. Click on “+” button next to the scheduled ticket's title, this will open the create form.


  1. Form fields

    1. Name: Name of your scheduler.

    2. Description: Description explaining the scheduler.

    3. Ticket Template: Lets the agent pick an existing ticket template to use for creating the scheduled tickets. At the time of schedule, HappyFox will fill the ticket with the field values present in the selected ticket templates for creating the ticket.

Note: Refer this article to know more about ticket templates.

  1. Once you have picked a ticket template, choose a contact for the ticket.

  1. Manage Recurrence section lets you define the interval at which you want to create these tickets.

  1. Recur*: Interval at which the tickets will be created. HappyFox right now has the option to create tickets Daily, Quarterly, Annually or Monthly.

Note: You can achieve weekly scheduled tickets by setting your excluded days accordingly.

  1. You can then pick a time at which you want the scheduler to create this ticket.

Note: Time picked will follow your company’s timezone. This is usually set by your account admins. To know more about company’s timezone refer to this article

  1. If chosen Daily recurrence, Once you have selected the recurrence, you can choose the days at which you do not want to create tickets. Tickets will NOT be created by the scheduler on the selected days.

  2. Save the form to create and activate the scheduler.

Editing/Cloning/Deleting a scheduler

  1. Click on the desired scheduler to view options such as Edit, Clone and Delete as shown below.

  1. You can also choose to disable a scheduler if you wish to stop the automatic ticket creation.

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