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Creating and Using Ticket Templates
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Ticket Templates in HappyFox can greatly ease the process of creating tickets for agents. This feature will be really useful for customer requests that are frequent and similar. Using templates created for specific kind of customer requests, agents can quickly create tickets, thereby saving considerable time.

Watch a feature Walkthrough 🎦:

Ticket templates allow agents to prefill:

  1. Ticket Property Information. (Category, Status, Priority, Assignee and Due Date)
  2. Ticket Subject and Message.
  3. Ticket Custom Field Information.
  4. Additional Notification Recipients (Cc and Bcc).

Available to All Pricing Plans.



Go to Automate >> Ticket Templates.

Note: Page visibility is governed by a permission "Manage Ticket Templates".If you are not able to see this page, contact your administrator.

Create a new Ticket Template: 

  1. Go to Automate >> Ticket Templates.
  2. Click " Create a New Ticket Template".
  3. Draft the ticket-message that needs to be populated on choosing the Ticket Template. Also, specify additional members who need to be notified on creating a ticket.
  4. Choose the values for standard and custom ticket-fields that will be set on choosing the Ticket Template.
  5. Enter name and description for the Ticket Template. Choose who can use the ticket template, along with the option to create a private ticket. 



Modify a Ticket Template: 

  1. Go to Automate >> Ticket Templates.
  2. Click on the desired Ticket Template to view/edit.
  3. Find all the information about that Ticket Template in the "Details Sidebar".
  4. Click "Edit" to edit the Ticket Template information.
  5. Click "Clone" to create a similar Ticket Template.
  6. Click "Delete" to delete the Ticket Template.

 Use Ticket Templates during new Ticket creation:


In agent portal new ticket form, scroll to the “Ticket Template” section.

  1. Choose a template from the drop-down.
  2. Once chosen, the fields set by the template will be highlighted as shown in the screenshot.
  3. You can modify the pre-filled values if needed and continue creating the ticket.


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