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Configure Clearbit Integration with HappyFox
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Clearbit is a SaaS tool that allows you to lookup essential customer information for targeted sales and marketing. Details about the customer’s organization, location, link to customer’s social media profiles etc., can be fetched. Clearbit integration with HappyFox allows your agents to access customer details from Clearbit in both ticket-detail pages and in new-ticket form.

To integrate Clearbit with HappyFox, you need to

  1. Get the “API Key” from Clearbit

  2. Install and configure Clearbit app inside HappyFox

Pricing Plan: All Plans

Note: This integration performs a lookup for customer details every time an agent

  • Creates a new ticket on behalf of the customer or

  • opens  a ticket raised by the customer

Please note that these lookups will add towards the “API Request limit” determined by your Clearbit pricing plan.

Getting the API Key from Clearbit

  1. Login to Clearbit and navigate to the dashboard.

  2. Select the “API” tab from the Clearbit dashboard.


3. Copy the “API Key” from Clearbit. Please note that the “API Key” and NOT the “Publishable API Key” needs to be copied.

Installing and Configuring Clearbit app inside HappyFox

1. Login to HappyFox and navigate to the “Apps” module.

2. Either search for “Clearbit” or navigate to “Contact Management” category to locate the Clearbit app.


3. During installation, paste the “API Key” copied from Clearbit.


4. Click “Save” to complete the installation and to enable the integration.

Additional customer information from FullContact displayed on the ticket-detail page


Additional contact information from FullContact displayed on the ticket-detail page


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