Create Embeddable widgets

HappyFox lets you create contact form widgets that you can embed on your webpage.

To create an embeddable widget, first, login to your HappyFox account and click Integrations under the Manage tab.

1. Click the Add Embeddable Form button or in the Embeddable Widgets section click the + button next to Add New Embeddable Form.

2. Specify the name and the heading for the widget. This heading will appear on the contact form in your web page.

3. Type in the description for the widget and specify the widget tab color using the color palette.

4. Specify the text to be displayed in the widget tab and choose at which end of the screen you would like to place the widget tab.

5. Associate the widget to the necessary categories and click Save Settings.˜

The widget will now be listed in the Embeddable Widgets section from where you can copy the code snippet to embed it in your web site.

To know how this embedding works , 

go here ->

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  • 03-Oct-2018