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November 2016 - Release notes print icon


  1. Option to exclude certain statuses while calculating the agent's current tickets load for auto assignment based on active staff.
  2. Allow agents with Manage-Staff access, to make agents available/unavailable from the Manage >> Staff page.
  3. For agents involved in Auto assignment based on active staff, currently ‘available’ agents will now be prompted to become 'unavailable' first while attempting to log out.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed an issue with Highrise CRM Integration where creating a case sometimes fails for foreign language characters.
  2. Fixed an issue for some accounts where some Facebook posts with media were not getting converted to tickets.
  3. Fixed an issue where deactivated staffs were receiving scheduled report emails even after deactivation.
  4. Fixed a bug with contact import related to importing duplicate data
  5. Fixed a bug in merge contacts module, incorrect URL redirect was getting initiated in a rare scenario.
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