Advanced Incoming email settings options - Avoid losing/missing mails

Lets assume you have set up a new category email id, set up email forwarding to HappyFox forwarding id, so that your customers can send an email to this and convert into tickets. This will work only when the category email id is added as an email forwarded category under Manage > Categories page. If this is not the case, such forwarded emails currently reach HappyFox server, but do not get reflected or appear in HappyFox as tickets. This is because, these tickets(emails) are not tagged/routed to any of the categories in HappyFox.

To avoid spilling these mails, set Advanced Incoming Email Settings of such uncategorised mails.

To do this,

  1. Go to Manage >> General.
  2. Click on the Advanced incoming Email settings section.
  3. Check the ‘Active’ checkbox.
  4. Existing categories is listed in the 'Choose a category to create tickets for such mails'. Choose the category to which these tickets are to be created in.
  5. Save settings.

Note: If you'd like to move these uncategorised emails to a new category, create a new category by going to Manage >> Categories, and then select the appropriate category from the drop down. Once the set up is done, on receiving mails to the Email ID, which is not associated to any of the categories, tickets are created in the category selected from the 'List of Categories' drop down.

Where can advanced incoming Email settings help?

   1. Inappropriate mapping of categories: When an existing category A, mapped to Email address is edited/deleted, the further mails sent to are lost without creating a ticket, since they are not associated to the category anymore. For example, When a gmail forwarding rule is set up in Gmail, but the category name is edited/deleted, the mail sent by Gmail to confirm forwarding, gets lost, without showing in HappyFox as a ticket, hence hindering the forward set up.
   2. BCC: When a Category Mail ID is kept in BCC while sending mails, such mails don’t reach the category as tickets.
   3. Inadvertent Email forwarding: When an email forwarding is set up to receive mails after multiple hops, but the last mail address is not configured to the appropriate category, these emails get lost.

Note: Although the uncategorised mails can be handled this way, it is not a recommended set up. The ideal solution to handle uncategorised mails would be to rightly set up the categories. Check here to know how to set up the categories and Emails.

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  • 03-Oct-2018