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June 3, 2014-Release Notes print icon

The following features/fixes have been deployed to all HappyFox accounts.

  • Fixed bug where merge loser tickets were not being listed in the Search tickets view
  • Fixed bugs in IE 8/IE 9 where update of tickets was showing a textbox with the update and not reloading the ticket detail page with the update. Also fixed the bug on the same browser where edit custom fields was not working
  • Now honoring whitelisted IPs when a HappyFox account is accessed via the mobile app
  • Added "id:" operator in advanced search to list tickets by IDs. Ticket IDs can be given as "AB00001128" or "1128". Separate multiple ticket IDs with comma, like, "AB00001128,AB00001148". This will list just the tickets entered in the search query.
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