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March 2014 - release notes

New features

1. Remote Desktop Integration using LogMeIn Rescue

2. Facebook Integration

3. Invoices on HappyFox



1. Applied canned action (in ticket update) can be retained in the drop down

2. Autocomplete email address

3. Font Name option in Forum's Rich Text Editor

4. Staff New Ticket Form - Lookup by Custom Fields

5. Add Subscriber action on Smart Rules

6. SEO Friendly KB URLs

7. Adding of LinkedIn Share link in KB

8. {{assigned_staff_name}} in Notifications

9. Notification for moving ticket from one category to another

10. Captcha for all end user forms

11. Enhancements for the numbers shown on the staff dashboard - was previously not honoring certain permissions, like access to all tickets/only assigned tickets

12. Default "Expand All" option for all staff

13. Custom Field Migration to new type custom field

14. Improved workflow when staff tries to login with staff login credentials on the support center login page

15. Highrise Integration Enhancements

16. Contact Groups now available in the Compact View

17. Sort section names, articles in alphabetical order in staff panel

18. Salesforce Integration Enhancements

19. Contact widget to drive self-service (coming soon)

20. Due Date option in Support Centre -> New Ticket Form

21. HappyFox - InfusionSoft Integration - Enhancements


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed bug where saving a smart rule with "trigger webhook" action was failing

2. Fixed bugs related to ticket updates - when custom fields are updated while updating a ticket

3. Fixed bug where mass action was not working In IE8

4. Fixed bug where edit custom fields on ticket detail page not working on IE8

5. Fixed bug where assignee drop down in mass reply was not listing the staff common to ticket categories

6. Fixed issue where it was possible to set due date to a date in the past via keyboard input

7. Fixed bug where it was not possible to change the status by selecting the tickets from the ticket list page in IE 8

8. Fixed bug where clicking pagination arrows on ticket list page would deactivate the category filter drop down

9. Fixed usability issue of turning off browser auto complete on certain forms

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