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September 2012 - Release notes print icon

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where spaces were allowed in the Name field in the new ticket form
  • Updated migration script for migration from 5.0 -- 5.2, fixs issues where auto start of HDP services was not correctly set post update and SMTP settings not being copied over to postfix [HDP only]
  • Fixed bug where inactive staff names were shown in the assign to dropdown in the move ticket page
  • Fixed bug where viewing or editing a report containing a Custom field as condition would crash when the custom field type is changed



  • Added time spent and tags in canned actions form (M)
  • Associate logged in staff to new report creation form, by default
  • Added activity log entry for message edited time (M)
  • Added 'Do-not-change' option for ticket properties on Mass reply page
  • Increased text type Custom fields to accept 200 characters, rather than 50, as it was before
  • If there is only one category in an instance, it will be selected in the new ticket form
  • Linked the number of tickets count in the contact drop down in the ticket box
  • Removed "Create new ticket" link from Customer panel login page
  • Caching counts for performance improvements

New features


  • Pre-shipped smart rules, reports for new instances 
  • Pre-shipped my queue conditions for any new helpdesk staff created
  • Tag auto suggestion(from existing tags) while adding new tags for tickets (M)
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