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April 2012 - Release notes print icon


  • Improved migration script to support MSSQL databases
  • Improved migration script to support larger databases by converting tickets in chunks
  • Improved mail parser to support Microsoft Excel content sent via emails
  • Improved mail parser to strip newline characters in subject in incoming emails  
  • Improved UI layout for staff roles-ticket permissions and managerial permissions
  • All URLs sent from the application will now be hyperlinked
  • Enabled the HTML option in TinyMCE for Smart Rules send email action
  • Improved intial data content in notifications, for new instances

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible bug in Agent Collison 
  • Fixed bug where send email action on Smart Rules was not inserting tags available
  • Fixed bug where some outgoing emails were showing up without line breaks

New Features

  • Added Italian Language support
  • New ticket inflow reports available. Can now see ticket inflow across categories by Assignment, Status and Priority
  • Support for AM charts in Reports and Dashboard pages, making them iOS friendly
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